Two-day International Seminar

“Two-day International Seminar “
(organized at Shri Agrasen Bhawan, Gijgarh Vihar, Hawa Road, Sodala, Jaipur (Rajasthan).

The main theme of this seminar * “Women Empowerment: Diverse Dimensions” *

sub theme :

1. Women and literature
2. Politics and Women
3. Society and Women
4. Famous Women in History
5. Famous Scientific Women
6. Women in Vedic Period
7. Women in Sanskrit literature
8. Diverse dimensions in the literature of women writers
9. Role of Women in Freedom Movement
10. Education and Women
11. Language and Women

Along with this, you can also submit your dissertation on other topics related to women.

* Last date of registration: 28 February 2021 *

* Registration Fee: Professor and others 1000 / – *
* Researchers 800 / – *

* Last date for sending thesis: 28 February 2021 *

* Terms and Conditions –

1. The accommodation and lodging arrangements of the participants will be made free by the institution. There will be different arrangements for the stay of women and men. All women will be placed in one place and all men in another place.

2. Accommodation and food will be provided only to those whose registration will be confirmed by 28 February.

3. All research articles received by 28 February will be published for free. The publication of research articles will be done in the seminar special of the eccentric e research journal, which will be available on the website of eccentric e research journal within 3 months after the seminar.

4. You have to send your thesis to You should send your research article in word file in Kritidev, Unicode, Roman Times font. PDF and scan file will not be accepted.

5. It is mandatory to provide bibliography at the end of research articles. Make sure to write full name, home / institution address, mobile number and email at the end of the research article. In the absence of these, the article will not be published.

* Bank details for registration fee *

A / c No. 914010017614275
IFSC Code: UTIB0002499
Axis Bank, Sohna

Paytm / Google Pay: 9996737200

* Receipt of registration fee / screen shot must be sent to Vikas Sharma, General Secretary, Vikashana, a meaningful initiative committee, Ajayab’s Watts app number 9996737200. *

* Online form link *

selection committee:

1. Dr. Sulakshana Ahlawat, President: 9416720180
Development, Haryana: 9996737200,
2.Dr. Naresh Sihag Advocate, Rajasthan: 9466532152,
3. Dr. Ravi Sundyal, Jammu Kashmir: 7780960421,
4. Jyoti Kushwaha, Chhattisgarh: 8305777694,
5. Dr. Krishna Kumar Mishra, Bihar: 9430492229,
6. Dr. Meera Chaurasia, Uttarakhand: 9719801223
7.Ajay Kumar (Sai Ji),Punjab



1. The direction and condition of women in India

2. Role of Women in Indian Politics

3. Panchayati Raj and women empowerment

4. Women as social reformers

5. A study as role model for women like Rani Laxmibai, Jija Bai, Panna Dhai, Pandit Ramabai, Savitribai Phule, Indira Gandhi, Sarojini Naidu, Kalpana Chawla, Phoolan Devi Mother Teresa etc.

6. Status of Women in British India

7. British contribution in the empowerment of women

8. Raja Rammohan and Maharao Jotiba Phule contributed to women’s empowerment

9. Economic Empowerment of Women

10. Indian women internationally

11. Status, problems and solutions of widows and divorced women in society

12. Problems and solutions of working women

13. Domestic Violence and Human Rights

14. Government of India’s contribution in women empowerment

15. Analysis of the status of Indian women in the Indian Army and Police

16. Analysis of the situation of female Naxalites

17. Indian judicial system and women

18. Acid attacks and women

19. Contribution of women in bank and industry sector

20. Women Safety and Cyber ​​Crime

21. Social Media and Women

22. Status and problems of tribal women

23. Status and problems of women of nomad community

24. An analysis of dowry practice and dowry prevention law

25. Gender Diversity and Society

26. Reasons and solutions for gender diversity

27. Situation of Women in Indian Society

28. Women’s Movement in India

29. Indian Constitution and Women

30. Fundamental Rights and Women

31.21.Women in the 21st century

32. Crime, causes, reality and solutions to rising women

33. Three Divorce Laws and Muslim Women

34. Problems and solutions of women prisoners

35. Role of women in environmental protection

36. Gandhi ji and Women

37. Gandhi’s thoughts about women’s education

38. History of women’s struggle

39. Contribution of Babasaheb Ambedkar in improving the condition of women

40. Role of women in administration

41. Problems of rural women

42. Buddhism and Women

43. Role of National Commission for Women in Women’s Empowerment

44. Contribution of women empowerment to litterateurs

45. Sikhism and Women

46. ​​Problems of Kashmiri Pandit women

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